Frequently Asked Questions – En Español

“As Is” Merchandise Q: Is “As Is” merchandise warranted? A: No, “As Is” merchandise is sold without a warranty.

Outdoor Sale Q: I often drive by your store and see furniture outside on display for sale. What is the deal here and how can I find out when you will have your outdoor sales? A. Most of the furniture we put out front is the last of a series we purchase, furniture we purchase as one-of-a-kind from the Las Vegas World Market and other wholesalers, scratch and dent furniture, or discontinued items. The items out front are the items to be purchased, so they are “As Is” and are priced accordingly. Sorry, because of the weather, we never know exactly when we will have an outdoor sale. Hope for great weather, with no wind or rain! However, be sure to sign up on our email list to receive notification when these sales occur.

Returns Q: Can I return my furniture? A: You may change your mind before delivery. However, returns are not accepted more than 24 hours after receiving your furniture, unless the item is found defective. (Please check item thoroughly upon delivery or before pickup.) If defective, we will exchange item purchased. If within the 24 hours, you have changed your mind and do not want the furniture after you have received it, if it is no longer packaged or it has been assembled, there will be a minimum 10% restocking fee charged. If you had the item delivered, we will pickup; however, if you personally picked up the item(s), it is your responsibility to return them to our store. All merchandise must be returned within 24 hours and in the same condition as when it left our store—if it has been damaged in any way, the item is non- returnable. Mattresses because of health laws, are not returnable. If your purchase was by check, please allow 10 days once your check has cleared.

Special Orders Q: Can I Special Order furniture from you and what are the requirements? A: Special Order items are according to a customer’s own requirements and not for everyone; therefore, customer must make sure the Special Ordered merchandise is the correct size and finish for their home. We require 50% down and deposits are non- refundable. Although we do our best to get the furniture to you in a timely manner, manufacturer delivery dates are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. We will call you as soon as we receive the furniture. Please schedule delivery within 15 days of being notified.

Furniture Pickup Q: What if I don’t want delivery service? A: As a courtesy, our staff will load your vehicle. If you are picking up a one-of-a-kind or floor model item, please ask what material(s) you will need to bring, if any. We will provide you with cardboard, shrink wrap, and sturdy twine for tying down. Additional Pickup Tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is clean and as empty as possible.
  • Make sure any seats are removed from your vehicle if needed.
  • Measure your vehicle door and trunk openings prior to pickup.
  • Measure the space inside your vehicle prior to pickup.
  • If you will need something stronger than twine, consider how you will secure the purchase if needed—such as bungee cords or tie- downs.
  • Bring your invoice with you.
  • Please remember, it is your responsibility to fully inspect your merchandise at the time of pickup. Once it leaves the store in good condition, it is your responsibility for any damages that may occur.
Pickup hours are: 10 am – 6 pm, 7- days a week. To pick up your merchandise, you need to be at Irish Peddlers’ Furniture at least 30 minutes before 6 pm (large orders, by 5 pm). Allow plenty of time to pick up your new furniture. Wait time will vary, as we are unable to schedule appointments.

Assembly Q: Do I have to assemble my furniture or will it be done for me? A: If you pick up your product you will have to assemble it yourself, unless you have paid for assembly. Floor models and one-of-a-kind items are already assembled. If you have your product delivered it will be assembled for you.

Layaway Program Q: Do you have a layaway program? A: Yes, we do and it is for up to 60 days. We require 1/3 of the total of the invoice to be paid at time of purchase. Floor models and Outdoor Sales Items cannot be put on layaway. Irish Peddlers’ does not charge for this convenience.

Finance Programs Please check our Financing Tab on the Home Page for our various financing and leasing options. There is sure to be one that will suit you best!

Irish Peddlers’ Furniture warrants all furniture and accessories sold to be free of manufacture’s defect in material and workmanship for 90-Days to 1-Year from the date of purchase. Please check the tags on many of our products for more information and additional warranties. Mattress warranties vary by Manufacturer and model.

Conditions Voiding Warranty: Customer is responsible for keeping furniture free of damage due to accident, abuse, negligence, or other damage that is not covered. Items sold “As Is”, Clearance, and Floor Models are also not warranted. Be sure to check these items before they leave the store. Warranty is also voided when furniture or other items are moved to another location. Please be aware, that if you try to repair item yourself and damage it further or cause it in any way to be non-repairable, warranty is also voided. Mattress warranties are voided if there are any stains on the mattress. Also the following items are not covered under a mattress warranty: normal body impressions (as defined by the manufacturer), comfort preference, transportation costs, border wires that have been bent due to moving or bending the mattress, manufacturer’s tag is missing, and other damages due to improper use. We can provide a great protective cover through Montage for your mattresses.

Guardian Protection Products, Inc.: When you protect your furniture investment with a Guardian Furniture Protection Plan, you can relax knowing that when a covered mishap happens they are there to help and put your mind at ease. Guardian distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering personal, fast, and friendly service—delivered by experienced furniture industry experts. When a covered accident occurs, your furniture protection plan will deliver:

  • Expert assistance from live customer service representatives
  • Helpful tips and products
  • In-home service from a certified, professional technician when necessary
  • Furniture replacement if we can’t repair your covered problem
  • No deductible Guardian Protection Products also provide mattress protectors in all normal bed sizes. The Protector helps guard your mattress against stains and damage for 10 full years. During the 10 years, you will receive up to 3 mattress protectors for your one bed. Value Promise: Not only do MFS furniture protection plans offer value when you have your stains and damage taken care of, you also benefit from valuable peace of mind. Guardian protection plans give you the freedom to enjoy your new furniture. Live in your living room. Dine in your dining room. Play in your playroom. No worries…we promise. Visit