Pets Rock Glass Coaster

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Pets Rock Glass Coaster

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Glass Coasters with Cork Bottom. Set of 24.

Measures: 4″ x 4″

The Pop Culture World of Pets Rock™– Where Pets meet Celebrity.
Award winning brand Pets Rock™ is a striking play on our passion for pets and the cult of celebrity.
The Pets Rock™ phenomenon has spread from it’s London base to leading stores around the world,
who’s customers are barking mad for our furry friends. Pets Rock™ is taking its name literally as its
unique humor and style is rocking it’s way around the globe. With more than 60 characters in the
Pets Rock™ world and many more waiting to be let off the leash you’re never far from one of our
pop culture pets!
“These are real pets, not real celebrities. The well-known individuals have not had any involvement
in the creation of the images and they have not approved them, nor has their approval been sought
for the publication of these images.”